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Mystified- Presence [treetrunk 309]

A slow-moving, drift-y longform piece made using acoustic drones. Trombone, flute and didgeridoo appear prominently. The track was mastered by Simon Heath, curator of the Cryo Chamber label, and member of Atrium Carceri among other acts.

Presence at

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Thomas Park- Our Skies Radio New [Treetrunk 307]

These pieces were not composed, strictly speaking, by human hands, but rather were generated from natural phenomena. Data from my surroundings was expressed through various systems, and this became the music. I believe now, as I did then, that patterns exist in nature that are as pleasing to the senses as music.

Our Skies Radio New at

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Christian Doil- Zeit [treetrunk 306]

“hourglass, stopwatch, cuckoo clock, grandfather clock, kirchturmuhr, wrist watch – time is running out, is won, lost, gives us structure, frame, beautiful and less beautiful moments – in short time structured our entire life. as a child my uncle has impressed me the old grandfather clock. dark wood, twice as tall as I am, with a deep sound. mystical, fabulous, almost with its own soul. their voluminous proposals form the frame of the album in the form of introduction, between tee and graduation. also bell sounds awaken in me magical and romantic connotations creepy feelings, by between moments of deep silence. from my balcony of the church of st. stephan in Mainz-Gonsenheim the atmosphere and has therefore found a special place on the album. as well as the sounds of Mainz doms. Another audio materials I got from watches departments of department stores and watch stores specialized and by the elapsing, sand shots.”– Christian Doil, 2014

Zeit at

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Tamayurakurage vs. Emerge- Meltdown [treetrunk 308]

Dedicated to all the people in Fukushima.

Meltdown at

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Scott Lawlor, EugeneKha and Mister Vapor- Three Moons [treetrunk 305]

Imagine yourself taking a trip around the Solar System’s largest planet, surveying the topography of each of three of its amazing moons.

Three Moons at

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Mystified and Daniel Barbiero- Numinous Transmissions [treetrunk 304]

Exploring sounds and ideas of the sacred using Daniel Barbiero’s double bass and Mystified’s sounds and mixing. Some sounds by Daniel Barbiero, and special thanks also to Shane Morris for the use of 2 of his field recordings.

Numinous Transmissions at

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Grove Of Whispers- Between [treetrunk 303]

Nice new one from Grove Of Whispers.

Between at

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Mystified- The UFO Hoax [treetrunk 302]

All tracks written according to Project Blue Book code. The truth is out there.

The UFO Hoax at

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Closed To Submissions

Hi folks! Treetrunk Records is taking a break from submissions for a bit. Submitting artists, please feel free to explore other fine netlabels.

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Kinematik VKE- Nix and Hydra [treetrunk 301]

In the vastness of space Pluto seems like a castoff in Neptunes wake. But she is not alone among the presence of her children. Nix, the mythological mother of Charon, lies next to it’s companion Pluto. The small yet mighty dwarf planet seems to cradle it, a universal protector. She and her sister Hydra circle Pluto as single yet kindred warriors bound in silence. Intrepid explorers walking upon the frozen landscapes are treated to a vision of barren and blistered expanses of ice and dust underfoot. Standing alone on the precipice of a dark and fearful abyss you can feel the chill of a strange windless cold that seems to burn its way through skin and bone.

Nix and Hydra at

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