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Various Artists- Complex Silence 40 [treetrunk 288]

To mark our 40th release, Mystified returns with a superb longform mix of the artists and releases CS-31 through CS-39.

Complex Silence 40 at

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Christopher Alvarado with Mystified- Through Liminal States [treetrunk 287]

Christopher Alvarado offered to do some remixes using mystified’s acoustic drones, and succeeded in concocting an awesome, smoky, mystical vision– spinning things in a new way and adding his own inventive power.

Through Liminal States at

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Mystified- Scattered Mist [treetrunk 286]

This release offers listeners a special opportunity: 16 tracks of mystified’s music, all created for various compilations and projects. Some of mystified’s best songs have been made for purposes other than his own releases, and now you can listen to a substantial collection of these tracks in high-quality audio.

Scattered Mist at

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Øystein Jørgensen- Guitar Soundscapes [treetrunk 285]

Five Guitar soundscapes made July/August 2013.

Guitar Soundscapes at

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Grove Of Whispers- Complex Silence 39 [treetrunk 284]

“. . .I would definitely call it pure space music–the kind you hear while watching the Earth gingerly rising over a moonscape or perhaps better yet, a slow-motion drift through fantastic starscapes and wondrous nebulae. You could loop this all night and let it be your audio dream maker. Whatever images this music conjures up in your mind, it’s the result of John Tocher (aka Grove of Whispers) working his musical magic in your ears and right before your mind’s eye.”– Phillip Wilkerson, 2013

Complex Silence 39 at

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Mystified- Frigid Radiance Remastered [treetrunk 283]

In May of 2009, Mystified released a tribute to icy atmospheres on the label Triple Bath. Low-fi mp3s have been made available, but now Mystified has remastered the 4 strongest tracks from this superb album, and released them for your listening pleasure in high resolution.

Frigid Radiance at

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CDRX- Switzerlanderground 2 [treetrunk 282]

The original version of this piece appeared as second CD of “Greetings from Heidiland” (B.F.H rec 2010). First part is now published by EgOcide Productions (Eg0_092).

Switzerlanderground 2 at

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Los Melomiedos- Cuatro Bailes Polca [treetrunk 281]

Written, performed and produced by Andalusian entertainer: Pablo González de Argo. Samples taken from Mystified’s Polka Drones [treetrunk 219] 2012 for even more special drones.

Cuatro Bailes Polca at

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Mystified- Love Hiatus [treetrunk 280]

Three songs created mainly for emotional content. No weird sources or strange ideas here, other than that finding love has changed the life and music of Mystified.

Love Hiatus at

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The Golden Gonk- As Sticky As Summer Ever Got [treetrunk 279]

A very nice ambient release dedicated by the artist to a memorable summer.

AS Sticky As Summer Ever Got at

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