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Stefan Paulus- Cartographies of Erehwon [treetrunk 300]

“Cartographies of Erehwon” is a remix of field recordings taken by Stefan Paulus during the last 10 years: Phonocartographies of harbor cities, bars, stone pits, churches and mosques. Reverberations of children playing in a backyard in Istanbul, flies in the Carpathian Mountains, street noise in Sarajevo or the buzz of the police and airport transmitters in New York, Illinois or Amsterdam. “Cartographies of Erehwon” are blurred recollections of transits across altering realities and areas of deterritorialization.

Cartographies of Erehwon at

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Scott Lawlor with Mister Vapor- The Eternal Torment Of Prometheus [treetrunk 299]

“This was the moment he longed for each day, or was it an hour, or a day or an eternity? It didn’t matter, he hovered near death, his heart slowed to an almost unimaginable lethargy and he would in all appearances be dead. His mind reached further and further into the void as his physical form waited for the inevitable extraction of the vital organ, and after the body recovered from the shock of such an event, sleep would come to regenerate his physical being and the torment would continue until time itself faded away into the void of eternal space.”– Scott Lawlor, 2014

The eternal Torment of Prometheus at

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Mystified- Eccentrica [treetrunk 298]

“Eccentrica” is a collection of interesting mystified tracks. It was originally released as a cdr on Fork and Spoon Records, but because of technical difficulties, we had to discontinue it there.

Eccentrica at

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900 piesek- Foggy Mountains [treetrunk 297]

“The album called ‘Foggy Mountains’ and contains almost live ambient shaped electroacoustic recordings of the metal objects. The sound is quite raw like an direct recording of my old guitar combo. . .”– 900 piesek

Foggy Mountains at

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Crows In The Garden and Kecap Tuyul- The Road Of Life [treetrunk 296]

Music Composed / Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Kirill Makushin and Kecap Tuyul

The Road Of Life at

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Jørgensen & Martinsen- Triumph Standard 12 [treetrunk 295]

All sounds in this track is from an old typewriter “Triumph Standard 12″ from 1939. No other instruments used.

Triumph Standard 12 at

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Stillstream Label Of The Month

Proud to report that Treetrunk Records has been selected as the “Label Of The Month” for January 2014 at Stillstream Radio.

Learn about featured labels, artist and releases here:

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Olofstorp- The Montelepre Sessions [treetrunk 294]

Olofstorp is Matteo Campulla and Alberto Picciau.

The Montelepre Sessions at

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Mystified- Dubstep Odyssey [treetrunk 293]

A nice e.p. with Mystified’s take on dubstep music. Wobbly basslines and dubby beats!

Dubstep Odyssey at

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Jack Hertz- Night Songs [treetrunk 292]

“I enter into the night and dream awake in the darkness where the universe is suspended. As the moon rises, a nocturnal state queues the symphony of lurking beings to move upon quiet landscapes under gem filled skies. These inspiring visions are translated into the night songs I present to you here.”– Jack Hertz, 2013

Night Songs on

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