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Christian Doil- Zeit [treetrunk 306]

“hourglass, stopwatch, cuckoo clock, grandfather clock, kirchturmuhr, wrist watch – time is running out, is won, lost, gives us structure, frame, beautiful and less beautiful moments – in short time structured our entire life. as a child my uncle has impressed me the old grandfather clock. dark wood, twice as tall as I am, with a deep sound. mystical, fabulous, almost with its own soul. their voluminous proposals form the frame of the album in the form of introduction, between tee and graduation. also bell sounds awaken in me magical and romantic connotations creepy feelings, by between moments of deep silence. from my balcony of the church of st. stephan in Mainz-Gonsenheim the atmosphere and has therefore found a special place on the album. as well as the sounds of Mainz doms. Another audio materials I got from watches departments of department stores and watch stores specialized and by the elapsing, sand shots.”– Christian Doil, 2014

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