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Thomas Park- Machines On Machines Samples [treetrunk 264]

Thomas Park took several scores of recordings of machines made using a contact microphone, in high fidelity, and ran them through a program that adds random processes to the sounds. He chose the 100 best outtakes, and trimmed them to make them usable. These sounds are fun for listening, and would be ideal for using as elements in music or sound design.

Machines On Machines Samples at

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Thomas Park- Shortwave Radio In High Fidelity [treetrunk 363]

Here are some samples of an actual shortwave radio, on various bands and at different tunings, recorded directly in high fidelity audio to my Tascam DR-05 recording unit. No effects have been added, but the recordings have been edited into portions.

Shortwave Radio In High Fidelity at

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Thomas Park- Machines By Contact Microphone [treetrunk 362]

A set of recordings Thomas Park made with a sturdy contact microphone manufactured by Crank Sturgeon and Thomas’ Tascam DR-05 Recorder. Each source file is in high fidelity, 24/96 quality, with no clipping or effects added. Recordings were edited to isolate specific portions of sound, but that was the only additional treatment. Each recording was of a machine or mechanical object.

Machines By Contact Microphone at

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RLW/PAAK: Zur Arbeit (Augsburger Gerberei) – [treetrunk 361]

For several years now, sound artists RLW and PAAK have been collaborating on concept albums about subjects such as religion, food, and work. Their album “Zur Arbeit I” was released in 2016 on the attenuation circuit label. It uses quasi-industrial sounds, electronics, and voice to make a point about the status of work in the 21st century. After decades of relatively good social security for working people, Europe now experiences a backlash, with an increasing number of working poor and social stigmatization of people who cannot find jobs. In 2016, there was a heated debate in the local media as home-owners in the neighborhood of the abraxas arts center protested against rent-controlled housing (for unemployed people, among others) being built next to their houses. As a statement against this kind of discrimination, the loop30 sound gallery exhibited an excerpt from RLW/PAAK’s album at the center. On the opening night, PAAK did an original live performance on the same subject that utilizes some of the sound sources of the album. Excerpts of this live performance on November 26, 2016 at the abraxas arts center are documented in this release.

Zur Arbeit at

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Luciftias- Amorphous Architectural Abstraction [treetrunk 360]

‘This piece began as an improvised guitar drone that had been laying dormant on my hard drive for a few years. I often revisit such recordings, massaging and shaping them into something new. I like the way this one turned out because it works as an ambient piece, subtly blending in like wallpaper, while rewarding the active listener with a droning textural undercurrent. Enjoy!’– Luciftias, 2017

Amorphous Architectural Abstraction at

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Netlabel Interview Project

Keith Helt has interviewed Thomas Park regarding Treetrunk Records, for Mr. Helt’s “Netlabel Interview Project”:

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Now Unavailable

Why are some Treetrunk releases no longer available at Mystified has chosen to reduce his web presence, and has “Made Dark” several dozens of releases. If you are a fan, don’t worry. Plenty more is still available, and lots can be streamed at his YouTube station:

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Mystified (with Hertz and Frore)- Salvation Army [treetrunk 359]

Soldiers of Undeclared Wars. Veterans of Asphalt and Broken Glass. Field Nurses from North of Page. An album done, essentially, in the “New Industrial” style ,excepting the synthesizers in Frore’s piece and a drone texture in the final piece. Thanks to Jack Hertz for the sounds on “Untitled” and Frore for his work on the Third Track.

Salvation Army at

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Mystified- Mystified Drone Station [treetrunk 358]

Jack Hertz has coded a nice MP3 player, with instructions on board, where you can play various mp3 samples by mystified and create your own unique live-streaming piece.

Mystified Drone Station at

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Thomas Park- Everywhere Drone [treetrunk 357]

In light of the transatlantic history of the building (which was used by the U.S. Army before it became a community arts centre in 1995), loop30 – the listening room at the abraxas arts centre, is happy to present its first exhibition of sound art works by an artist from the U.S. With his musical projects Mystified and Mister Vapor, as well as his label Treetrunk Records, Thomas Jackson Park from St. Louis, Missouri, has been a prolific presence on the international experimental music scene for many years. Completing the transatlantic feedback loop is the fact that Treetrunk Records has released, and will continue to release, all original sound work created for loop30 as free download albums.

Everywhere Drone at

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