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Christian Doil- der klang der bücher [treetrunk 332]

Sink in books – to move as the protagonists through deep worlds and adventures. the rhythmic scroll the pages – slow, sublime, full of energy. The album consists of six chapters. As sound sources I have many different books, an interior jalousie, a child’s rattle, a baby phone and the signal noise of an oven used.

der klang der bucher at

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Eric Pietras- All This And More Than A Brother [treetrunk 331]

All This And More Than A Brother is a series of improvised lo-fi sonic explorations made entirely with vintage synthesizer equipment and found sounds from AM radio and micro-cassette recordings, compiled with home software on a simple Windows 95 PC soundcard. As such ‘All This…’ goes back to the basics: melody, polyphony, tonal color and mood dominate, with the minor imperfections from a single-take approach to recording retained as part of the organic personality of the work.

All This And More Than A Brother at

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All Is Forgotten- Memento Mori [treetrunk 330]

Dark ambient musician “All Is Forgotten” has composed some lovely, dark, drone-like songs using his own sounds and a few given by Mystified. Dim the lights and enjoy!

Memento Mori at

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Cdrx- Au Fil De L’eau [treetrunk 329]

At the beginning of 2009, I worked on an unachieved piece, half of a piece in a perspective of collaboration with Kekap Tuyul (Pura Sombar). At that time, I used to work in a museum and cultural centre where water was one of the main topics. Knowing my interest for music, I have been sponsored by the museum to create a piece for the exhibition.

Au Fil De L’eau at

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Cousin Silas- Quiet Afternoons [treetrunk 328]

Cousin Silas would like to thank Treetrunk Records for hosting this fine release. Special thanks to Oleg Tishkovets for the cover photograph.

Quiet Afternoons At

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Ajna- Elusive Spaces [treetrunk 327]

Very nice, tasteful isolationist ambient tracks by the excellent Ajna.

Elusive Spaces at

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Mystified- K-Tel Hits [treetrunk 326]

Not many of Mystified’s fans may remember his days as a featured K-Tel artist– appearing on numerous audio cassettes and vinyl compilations put out by the conglomerate. Here is a collection of classic Mystified hits from these days– celebrating a vintage pop sensibility. For those unable to collect the original K-Tel releases.

K-Tel Hits at

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Christopher Alvarado With Mystified- Mystical Recursion [treetrunk 325]

Mystified challenged Christopher Alvarado to create loop-based pieces like the one he did for the “Loop Messiah” compilation. Alvarado accomplished this feat quite nicely with 8 experimental tracks that showcase his creativity and knack for sound works.

Mystical Recursion at

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Various Artists- Thomas Park Remixed [treetrunk 324]

There is a large body of solo work by Thomas Park, but also a collection of tracks that use his sounds in new creations. From techno dub to drone to noise/experimental, these pieces exemplify different genres. Here are 10 tracks by 10 artists, using sounds created by or chosen by (at least in part) Thomas Park. Can you sense a similarity in these tracks? Differences? Does using sounds by one artist result in a consistency between tracks, or are they each alone a separate entity? Thomas (of Mystified and Mister Vapor) is especially grateful to these 10 artists for their excellent work, and for their willingness to allow their tracks to be featured here.

Thomas Park Remixed at

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Various Artists- Retro Future Emission [treetrunk 323]

For years I have wanted to create music of my own in tribute to Nocturnal Emissions, and they remain a huge influence. I decided to invite other artists to listen to “Futurist Antiquarianism” and to create their own interpretations of the album, in unauthorized tribute to it.

Retro Future Emission at

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