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Luciftias- The Night Had Gold In Its Teeth [treetrunk 347]

The idea behind this piece was to apply a Frippertronics/drone approach using a bass guitar instead of my usual 6-string. I wanted to incorporate tapped harmonics into this as well. The original recording was roughly 14 minutes long, but I did some minor stretching and additional editing to create the final track.

The Night Had Gold In Its Teeth ar

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900piesek- The Sword And The Chalice [treetrunk 346]

“This album is mostly about the drones, it’s a bit dark, but still not so much as it can be:)) I was using synthesizers, field recordings, small bells and other objects, one very nice classical recording and my goal was to made it in ‘minimum/maximum’ way.. it’s bit a strange to write about my own things, but I was trying to made something ‘not for a first listen’ and I was hiding a lots of stuff there. In the first and the last track you can hear a guys from the local scene..the last one is “bonus” because it’s based on the sounds from a jam session recording.”– Matus, 2016

The Sword And The Chalice at

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cdrx- Moody Dancefloor [treetrunk 345]

Created in 2015 and mixed at the secret lab in Switzerland.
Before you start listening, Sit down and close your eyes.
The fresh air caress your face. You walk along the beach, the sky is cloudy, you listen to the surrounding sounds and you sit down. In the distance, the whispers of something you can not get to define. You lie and you listen.
Let your mind imagine the rest.

Moody Dancefloor at

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Luciftias- Astralnautics For Beginners [treetrunk 344]

Thomas asked Luciftias to remix his 6-hour piece, “Beyond The Velvet Sky”, a longform drone written using sferics (atmospheric discharges from the Earth). Luciftias responded with this hypnotic 9-hour opus.

Astralnautics For Beginners at

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Luciftias- shrouded allusion [Treetrunk 343]

Thomas of mystified asked Luciftias if he would apply his distinctive drone style to his sample pack “Sounds For Urban Discourse”. Luciftias came through with a lovely, deep, dark minimal drone.

shrouded allusion at

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Various Artists- Particular Streams Remixes 3 [treetrunk 342]

Following the success of “Particular Streams Remixes 1” and “Particular Streams Remixes 2”, Thomas wanted to go another round, and created an open call for remixes using only material from his “Particular Streams” release. These sounds were collected one summer in a low-rent South Side Saint Louis apartment. Thomas feels the sounds are very generative and evocative of living in that place at that time. He is very pleased with the remixes he received for this round and grateful to the artists who participated.

Particular Streams Remixes 3 at

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Mystified with Christopher Alvarado- The Mystical Recursion Remixes [treetrunk 340]

In 2015, Christopher Alvarado composed 8 excellent remixes using Mystified’s acoustic samples. Now mystified has sampled his remixes and re-worked them into techno pieces. Special thanks to Christopher for his hard work and dedication, and for his generative remixes.

The Mystical Recursion Remixes at

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Mystified with Christopher Alvarado- Megacities Remixed [treetrunk 339]

Thomas of Mystified has created remixes of all 7 pieces from Christopher Alvarado/Mystified’s Webbed Hand release “Megacities”. These tend to be a bit lighter than the originals. Special thanks to Christopher Alvarado for his strong work.

Megacities Remixed at

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Mystified- Secret Ops [treetrunk 338]

This is a collection of tracks touching on a major theme in Thomas Park’s music– espionage, whether it be of the Cold-War-Variety, or post-Cold-War. Tapes, radar, satellites. Paranoia. Dig it.

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Jack Hertz- The Burning Ember Of Stingy Jack [treetrunk 337]

“With its origin in the Gaelic celebration, ‘Samhain’. Halloween is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. I like to carve my own sonic pumpkin to mark the occasion. Speaking of pumpkins. This year, I have something with late-60s modular-synth styled piece titled, ‘The Burning Ember of Stingy Jack’. My homage to the legend of the Jack-O-Lantern.”- Jack Hertz, 2015

The Burning Ember Of Stingy Jack at

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