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Mystified- Where Angels Fear To Tread [treetrunk 241]

Cowpoke David Nemeth challenged mystified to write a country album, and this little E.P. may be as close to one as he ever makes. Enjoy, Dogies!

Where Angels Fear To Tread at


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Cousin Silas– Complex Silence 28 [treetrunk 239]

Cousin Silas has created wonderfully atmospheric music that would happily and easily soundtrack a plethora of futuristic sci-fi landscapes.

Complex Silence 28 at

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Tribe Of Astronauts- At The Edge Of The Forest [treetrunk 240]

At the edge of the forest– always an eerie place, or so the anonymous Tribe Of Astronauts believe. See if you agree?

At The Edge Of The Forest at

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Digital Mass- Cold Point Station [treetrunk 238]

The hazy Sri Lankan musical collective Digital Mass have created a new piece composed originally only from shortwave sounds, evocative of a midnight missive from a snowbound cabin. The sounds now form a drone. Can you perceive their source?

Cold Point Station at

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Tim Doyle- Pod People [treetrunk 237]

“Like all my pieces it is completely process-driven and as such not aleatoric or random. . .”– Tim Doyle, 2012

Pod People at

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