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Thomas Park- Shortwave Radio In High Fidelity [treetrunk 363]

Here are some samples of an actual shortwave radio, on various bands and at different tunings, recorded directly in high fidelity audio to my Tascam DR-05 recording unit. No effects have been added, but the recordings have been edited into portions.

Shortwave Radio In High Fidelity at

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Thomas Park- Machines By Contact Microphone [treetrunk 362]

A set of recordings Thomas Park made with a sturdy contact microphone manufactured by Crank Sturgeon and Thomas’ Tascam DR-05 Recorder. Each source file is in high fidelity, 24/96 quality, with no clipping or effects added. Recordings were edited to isolate specific portions of sound, but that was the only additional treatment. Each recording was of a machine or mechanical object.

Machines By Contact Microphone at

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