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Los Melomiedos- Cuatro Bailes Polca [treetrunk 281]

Written, performed and produced by Andalusian entertainer: Pablo Gonz├ílez de Argo. Samples taken from Mystified’s Polka Drones [treetrunk 219] 2012 for even more special drones.

Cuatro Bailes Polca at


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Mystified- Love Hiatus [treetrunk 280]

Three songs created mainly for emotional content. No weird sources or strange ideas here, other than that finding love has changed the life and music of Mystified.

Love Hiatus at

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The Golden Gonk- As Sticky As Summer Ever Got [treetrunk 279]

A very nice ambient release dedicated by the artist to a memorable summer.

AS Sticky As Summer Ever Got at

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Ran Kirlian- Complex Silence 38 [treetrunk 278]

If your August is feeling hot and sticky, then prepare yourself for a cool and refreshing ambient rain shower as only ambient master Ran Kirlian can conjure up.

Complex Silence 38 at

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