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Treetrunk Records, hailing from MidWestern USA, accepts quality musical submissions from artists from all over the globe. Our original mission was to showcase ambient and particularly experimental ambient (such as fractal / generative) music. For some time we also expanded into the field of phonography or field recordings, for both raw recordings and manipulated recorded material. Finally we have opened the doors a bit to other genres, accepting various quality submissions, though we still prefer for them to be experimental in nature, at least to a degree.

We are a NetLabel with a heart. That does not mean that we accept everything sent our way. Rather, we strive to treat the creators of good music (and their fans) with compassion, releasing our material in a coherent and organized fashion, and, of course, generally– charging no money for our releases.

Submissions: Please contact mystifiedthomas (at) gmail (dot) com . No public sharing sites (such as Mediafire or Rapidshare) are accepted. Soundcloud ( ) is accepted, Wetransfer, private server links or cdr.

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